The Best Bodybuilding Tank Tops

Part, if not most, of the reason people get into fitness and bodybuilding is because they want to look good. Perhaps because when you look good, you then feel good. It’s a fact throughout our culture that when you think you look better, you then present yourself with more confidence, which is a great asset to have. This can translate to the gym as well in looking good while working out, which is why people would be interested in the best bodybulding tank tops. And this is evident with brands like Nike, Under Armour and others getting into fitness clothing and making them more mainstream today. What’s a better way to feel good about yourself than to show off what you’ve got while hitting the gym hard? So with that in mind, we present our review of some bodybuilding tank tops that will reflect your hardwork mentality.

We will break down our top five on price, quality and all around coolness factor. Some of the shirts in our chart are hard to see in detail. To get a closer look, just click on the picture or the product description. You’ll be able to see the tank tops up close and with more color and size options. Most of the tank tops on our list are under $20, so you won’t have to break the bank to look good in the gym.

Ultimate Guide To The Best Bodybuilding Tanks

Golds Gym Regular Cut4.84.94.9
Captain America Tank Top54.84.9
Superman "S" Logo Men's Tank Top4.74.84.7
American Flag USA Tank Top4.54.64.6
Golds Gym Workout Top4.74.84.6

Our Top 5 Favorite Bodybuilding Tanks

Golds Gym Workout Top

When your looking for the best bodybuilding tank top, it’s hard to go wrong with the classics. It doesn’t get any more classic than the “Old Joe” Gold’s Gym top. These were made famous from bodybuilders from the 70s and 80s, but are still a great look for those that are serious about their training. It’s thin and obviously is sleeveless so it will also help keep you cool during those hot summer days when your working away in the gym or if you just want to take a stroll on the beach pershaps. It also comes in 9 different colors, made of 100% cotton and has the classic racer back style.

American Flag USA Tank Top

This fashionable tank top will show off that body you’ve been building, as well as your patriotism. There is just something cool about the distressed look that this shirt has and the flag that is vertical. This tank is available in grey as shown in the picture above, and also the traditional red, white and blue. Though it’s not a dedicated bodybuilding tank top, this is something that if you’ve got the physique you might as well sport it. This product also may be the most versatile in our review, as you can wear this in the gym or for a night on the town and fit in either place.

Superman “S” Logo Men’s Tank Top

Superman is as synonymous with muscles and power as much as protein shakes and creatine are. The two undoubtedly go hand in hand and why shouldn’t they? Superman is the most powerful comic book character of all time and it doesn’t hurt that he’s charming and always gets the girl. This is probably the aspiration of almost any guy that has walked into a gym and dreamed of being big and strong. This tank top, which is one of the coolest ones we have come across, definitely sends that message with the iconic S on the front with a distressed print and also has the racer back as well. This tank comes in four colors: red, black, blue and yellow. It also runs in all popular sizes and is made of 100% cotton.

Captain America Tank Top

This Captain America tank is one our absolute favorites. What’s more American than good ole’ Captain Steve Rogers? Maybe apple pie, but not much else. This is a classic cut tank with the easily recognizable Captain America shield “large and in charge” on the front. This is one of those types of shirts that you can wear in the gym just as easily as you could wear it out and about like you would any other shirt. Like most of the shirts on our list, it’s made of 100% cotton and is a durable and quality product.

Golds Gym Regular Cut

Rounding out our list is the prototypical Gold’s Gym tank top, but with a more traditional regular cut. For those that like the Gold’s Gym logo but don’t want the racer back can go with this option as it still allows complete freedom of movement and fits more like a traditional t-shirt. These do tend to run a little bigger than the racer back cut ones so keep that in mind when you are selecting the right size. It has the Old Joe logo on the front in a high quality screen print. This tank comes in 6 different colors and is made of quality 100% cotton.