The Best Adjustable Kettlebells Review of 2017

With the rise of kettlebells as a popular component of fitness programs there has been a rise as well in ways in which kettlebells can be utilized in smaller spaces at home, the office or other areas. Having to store and lug around a set of kettlebells was and never is a great option, therefore the adjustable kettlebell was born out of necessity. The only issue with these new products are knowing what are the best adjustable kettlebells in 2017 as there are more and more manufactures hitting the market seemingly everyday. Well we have set out to answer this question for you by doing our own adjustable kettlebell review to find out just what is the best adjustable kettlebell of 2017.

Below you can find out more about adjustable kettlebells and then see our top 5 review as well. We also got some great pricing on our top 5 products for our Muscle Review readers that you won’t find anywhere else. So sit back, relax and enjoy the article.


What Are Kettlebells?

A kettlebell resembles a medium sized cannonball with a metal arching handle. It is made of cast iron and is used to perform ballistic exercises that combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.

Many people are under the impression that it is a form of new exercise. Contrary to what many people think, this form of exercise dates back to the 19th century when strong men would display their strength in the circus using these form of weights.

As a matter of fact, the first kettlebell lifting competition happened around 1885 in Russia. The kettle bell’s use has gone global because it is now a fitness workout preference in strength training. Hordes of fitness enthusiasts are discovering that this form of exercise can utilize the whole body holistically and is an excellent alternative to conventional weights.

It builds strength and endurance for all muscle groups especially the lower back, legs, shoulders as well as power grip.


How Do Kettlebells Work?

A basic exercise movement in using the kettlebell is the swing, snatch or “clean and jerk.” These moves engage and work out the entire body at once.

In a unique way that is not overly strenuous; the kettlebell incorporates movements that simulate day to day activities like pushing, lifting and shoveling. It is now a common occurrence to see kettlebells next to free weights in fitness establishments or a whole section dedicated to a kettlebell workout regimen tailored for specific results.  

Kettlebells are a breath of fresh air for fitness buffs that want a new challenge and would like to spice up their workout routine without compromising results.

The benefits are enormous! With kettlebells, you tend to do a huge number of repetitions combined with funky exercise movements. The result is weight lifting and partial aerobics all at the same time. Simultaneously working for several muscle groups and can be repeated severally with rest interludes. The outcome is inevitably a fitter, stronger and more flexible you.

A study by the American Council on Exercise found out that using the kettle bell during workouts significantly increases your aerobic capacity and strengthen your core. Kettlebell exercises are great for building strength, sculpting and toning the body because they target the following:

  •    Body Core
  •    Arms
  •    Shoulders
  •    Shoulders
  •    Lower back
  •    Legs
  •    Chest

Qualities of the best adjustable kettlebells

  1. a)    A simple lock system that allows you to adjust and lock weight plates with ease
  2. b)    A flat bottom for ease of storage
  3. c)    A well-sized handle that lets you perform two-handed exercises as well as single handed ones
  4. d)    Durable material used that will determine longevity (Cast iron or steel)

Now that we have a better understanding of the kettlebell here are top four adjustable kettlebells in 2017.


4. Stamina X Adjustable Kettlebell

Founded in 1987, Stamina has been at the forefront of bringing you cutting-edge workout equipment that is aesthetically pleasing.

Stamina X is designed to keep you in good shape. The design allows the use of very little storage and works out space. It has a multifunction unit that allows you to get rid of clutter in your workout area simply because it comes with complete weights ranging from 16,20,24,32 pounds. It is large but has easy to grip handles for safety and security.

It is worth noting that this kettle design stabilizes muscles to avoid isolated attentions.

Targeted muscle groups are: core, arms, chest, and back

  •    It provides six weight levels in four-pound increments.
  •    Comes with a square base pad holder
  •    It has a cast iron handle grip which offers one handed or two handed holds for varying exercises.
  •    Weight plates fit inside the kettle shell.
  •    90 days warranty

Dimensions: 9″Lx 9″W x 11″H

Item weight: 39 pounds


This kettlebell is a solid piece of equipment with a healthy weight range and excellent durability.

3. Titan Fitness 5-20 LB Adjustable Kettlebells

The design on this kettlebell is something to behold. It’s not just a beautiful face but packs a punch for a good work out. It is ideal for individual or group workouts. It has a convertible form by releasing the lock mechanism to add or remove extra weight plates.

The powder coat finish provides a fresh and swanky look, and its durability can last for a long time.

  •    Flat base for easy storage
  •    Extra wide handles for easy grip.
  •    Six adjustable weight levels.
  •    Perfect for beginners or more advanced athletes
  •    Easily adjustable weight mechanism
  •    Drop cast iron plates
  •    Total weight: 20lb
  •    Color: Silver
  •    Handle width 1.2.”

It is easy to use due to its excellent adjustable mechanism, and it is also suited for beginners and advanced athletes.

2. Powerblock adjustable kettlebell

This kettlebell is a power block. The original block shape gives it a rogue look with a weight ranging from 2- 20 pounds.

You will appreciate how quick and easy it is to adjust and change weights on this kettle bell.  Each weight comes in distinct colors and adds character to the design. The handle is coated with black metal, and it is appropriately sized for a comfortable one handed or two handed hold exercises.

The body is primarily made of metal and covered in plastic. It is ingenious because the body stays durable and the partial plastic coating keeps it looking new and fresh for a long time as it protects from getting chipped. The power block is surprisingly silent and does not rattle during operation with a flat base for easy storage.

  •    Weight from 5-20 lb
  •    Lifetime home use warranty
  •    Dimensions: 13″L x 11″W x 10″H

Unbeatable value for money, the power block adjustable kettlebell is highly efficient especially if you change weight plates frequently during your workout session. As for durability, the lifetime home use warranty speaks for itself.

Kettlebell workouts allow a unique mix of exercises that will engage several muscle groups at the same time. The results are unrivaled. Its affordability and efficiency is a sure winner for most consumers. This adjustable kettlebell review is a quick guide to the top picks of top 2017 adjustable kettlebells that will help you make an informed purchase.

1.) Titan Fitness adjustable kettlebell

This option is easily customizable as the simple lock system allows conversion from 5 lb to 40lb by using a simple release of the lock and adding weight plates. Due to a high weight range, you save money and space as you will not have to invest in many kettlebells to achieve high-intensity workouts. Its sleek powder coat finish gives this equipment excellent durability.

  •    Extra wide handle for comfortable grip.
  •    Six adjustable weight levels
  •    One kettlebell fits all
  •    Drop cast iron plates
  •    Handle width 1.5.”
  •    Powder coated finish
  •    Total weight 40 lb
  •    Silver color

This kettlebell is ideal for regular or group workouts. It is also suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

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