The Best Home Gym Review of 2017

When most people think of getting in shape the first thing they think about is having to join a gym, fight the crowds at the gym during their workouts and the feeling of intimidation that is commonplace in most gyms. For all those reasons many people have begun looking at building their own gym at home, so for that reason we have created this article to help you find the best home gym of 2017.

With a home gym you don’t have to waste time fighting rush hour traffic to and from the gym and in the long run creating your own home gym will save you money as the years of paying gym dues really starts to add up when you do the math. With advances in technology you can also get the same level of equipment that you will find in many gyms right in the comfort of your own home. You can workout on your time and however you like.

Below are the best home gym systems available on the market today and we have tested each one vigorously and ranked them from #5 to #1. Keep reading below to see our in depth reviews of each product.


5. Bowflex PR3000

“Simplicity is bliss” with the Bowflex PR3000 this mantra has never been truer. This home gym system ensures you get a total body strength work out at an arguably unbeatable price.

What Impressed Us

The operation is hassle-free as no cable changes are required between sets. It is suitable for novices as well as seasoned athletes and can provide as little as 5 pounds and as many as 210 pounds of resistance across 50 + Exercises.

It comes complete with bench press, Lat pulls down and upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl, triple function ankle cuff grips 300-pound maximum user weight. It takes up to 100″L x 78″W minimum work out area making it ideal for the most limited of spaces

  •    300 Pound maximum user weight
  •    Minimum workout area
  •    Affordable
  •    No cable changes needed between sets
  •    Over 50 strength exercises
  •    Upholstered roller cushions for leg extension and leg curl, triple function ankle cuff grips
Target exercises
  •    Over 50 activities covering the whole range of body muscle groups


An ingenious option founded on simplicity without compromising on the range of workout routines for a total body workout.


4.) Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym

The sleek, slim design of the Body-Solid Powerline Home Gym is the ultimate space saver. This home gym system is just not a pretty face but has a solid ability to knock the wind out of you with its range of over 40 different exercises.

What Impressed Us

The frame is a durable 11- gauge steel frame, electrostatically applied with a powder coated finish. The press bars are Biochemically designed offering maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development.

The Lat pull down stations is awesome ensuring you get a full range of motion with unilateral, bilateral, converging and diverging movement capability features. High, mid, and small pulleys are prominent features alongside an 8-position adjustable press arm and leg developing station. This home gym system comes loaded with a 48-inch Lat bar, Row bar, and an abdominal harness.

  • Dimensions: 70″L x 42″W x 80″H
  • Item Weight: 344 lb
  • Shipping Weight: 184 lb
  •    Easy assembly (Requires. Fastening just nine bolts) and requires a limited amount of space.
  •    11 gauge mainframe construction assures maximum strength, function, and durability
  •    2,200 lb tension power, military grade aircraft cables with swiveling end providing durability and low maintenance
  •    Easy to use and no cable change design
  •    It includes limited ten-year manufacturer’s warranty on frame and one- year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts.
Target exercise

Perfect option for all muscle groups with Over 40+ different exercises including leg curls, bicep and triceps curls, rowing and squats.


It is uncomplicated in its use and hassle free the assembly. It has excellent durability and perfect options for limited spaces.

3.) Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings

An apt choice if you are an ardent fitness enthusiast who loves to get your workout in the comfort of their home.

What impressed us

The Designer of the Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage with Linear Bearings must have had your entire workout regimen in mind because it comes with well thought out features such as the “Ultra-Glide” linear bearings, press bar (with sealed linear bearings) as well as dual function leg developer.

For often neglected major muscles groups like the back, this particular model includes a small pulley with a foot rest ideal for row exercises that gives those muscle groups the much-needed attention. For those of you who like to keep things neat and tidy during and after the workout, this home gym comes in a compact design using up little space.

It is equipped with six Olympic weight plate storage pegs that allow you neatness and fluid flow from exercise to exercise.

  •    Dimensions: 95″L x 79″W x 86″H
  •    Item weight: 430 lb
  •    Shipping Weight: 237 lb
  •    Manufacturer: Marcy
  •    Diamond plated non-slip foot brace for seated row exercises
  •    Adjustable bar catches and safety stoppers.
  •    Dual action leg developer with six over sized roller pads and row/curl bar. Proper pivot point on leg developer for proper muscle isolation
  •    Off the floor, base frame design provides increased stability
Targeted exercises

It provides strength training for the for all muscle groups. The back, arms, and shoulders benefit the most especially with the rowing exercise.


The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith Cage is a robust home gym system with compact design and storage pegs that allows the great use of space or the lack of it. It makes it easy to organize your workout space while still achieving desired results.

2.) Body Solid EXM3000LPS

“Monster” is the adjective that comes to mind for this versatile home gym system.  This option offers health club-quality strength training for up to 3 simultaneous users.

What impressed us

It is equipped with a 3-in 1 Multi-press station, with fully adjustable pads to accommodate different users and full range-of-motion exercises.

A unique feature on the leg and calf press stations is a 2-bar linkage for self-alignment which ensures proper biomechanics for all users. The high pulley stations for Lat pulldowns have easy-access hold-down rollers to fit different users and are ideal for improving size, strength, and endurance in your back, shoulder and triceps muscles.

The Mid pulley station has you set for your abs crunches and allows you the highest degree of comfort while working your oblique and abdominal muscles.

For safety, they included the dual 210-pound alloy steel weight stacks with the state-of-the-art nylon bushings and full length, solid steel shrouds.

  •    Dimensions: 91″L x 73″W x 83″H
  •    Item Weight: 940 pounds
  •    Shipping Weight: 522 pounds
  •    An impressive array of strength training exercises for up to three simultaneous users.
  •    Compact, space saving design
  •    Multi-function press arm station provides bench press, incline press, shoulder press, and chest supported mid row exercises.
  •    Fully adjustable perfect pec station with range limiters allows users to achieve deeper muscle penetration.
  •    Two 210 pound weight stacks with limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
Target exercise

The EXM3000LPS offers strength training for all muscle groups. Your obliques, triceps, biceps and gluts will become firmer with this machine.


A fantastic option for serious workouts and fitness buffs who are pushing their fitness boundaries to the next level. It is also an excellent opportunity for great small group work outs.

1.) Gravity Gym

A remarkable innovation in home gym equipment is the Yowza Fitness Gravity Gym. It is life changing because it does not only help you achieve a thorough body workout but it can also be used for weightlifting, resistance, and gymnastics.

What impressed us?

The versatility of this home gym system allows you to work with your natural style of training while pushing you to stretch the boundaries of your training regimen. It adds feats like gymnastics which might not come naturally to you, but due to its unique anti-gravity feature, you can now perform.

The same feature also enables you to do more reps than you ever could, especially if your focus is on getting the proper form which is important than the amount of weight you lift.

It positions you to do more reps needed to build strength and challenge the body. Simply dial in your gravity ranging from 20% to 90% of your body weight on a chosen exercise using the Gravity (power adjustment) switch and adjust the weight load to your liking.

The anti-gravity aspect is also perfect for fitness enthusiasts working themselves into shape after an injury.

  •    Deck: Non-Slip Durable Surface
  •    Unit Size: 48″Lx 48″W x 74″ to 90″H
  •    Frame: Power-Coated Commercial Grade Steel
  •    Resistance System: Adjust between 20% to 90% of your weight
  •    Warranty: 7 Years on frame, 3 Years on Parts and Electronics, 1 Year In-Home Labor
  •    Power Adjustable Gravity Switch
  •    Self Locking platform Locks When All Grips Released
  •    Nitrogen Filled Gravity Assist Cylinders for Extra Durability
  •    330-pound weight capacity
Targeted exercises

With over 25+ Exercises this home gym system has your whole body covered.  These include squats, bench presses, leg curl and hamstring curls.


Irrespective of your fitness level and prowess Yowza Fitness Gravity home Gym is an excellent choice, putting the fun back into your workout while achieving life changing results are all in one package.

Well, there you have it, folks. You no longer have an excuse for not ticking off that ever elusive goal of getting fitter off your wish list. There’s only one thing left to do, and that’s for you to start now! In case you didn’t find exactly what you’re looking for or you’re looking to create an epic home gym, you should check out our review of the best power racks of 2017.