The Best Kettlebells of 2017

The emergence of the Crossfit craze has brought about many different types of equipment to the forefront that are used to take our bodies to that next level. One piece of equipment that has gained in popularity over the last few years is of course, the kettlebell. It’s a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for strength training, HIIT workouts and accessory work on top of your normal workout. The question that often comes up is just what are the best kettlebells on the market in 2017? Well we have set out to answer that question as we have tested the top brands out on the market today, put them through the ringer and come away with the top 5 best kettlebells out there today.

Keep reading below for our top 5 review and to check out the special pricing we were able to acquire on these products just for our readers of The Muscle Review.

Benefits Of Using Kettlebells

Some benefits you might get from using kettlebell is you will get the celebrity body that you are dreaming of. Some of the best kettlebell brands will give you an easier time to perform daily activities. It will ease your pain in carrying several grocery bags in a short period and feel that your bag and purse are easy to carry, this will surely use up more muscles thus making you lose more weight. Most of the users experience posture improvement because you need to have good posture while doing this exercise. And finally, you will get your dream abs and butt in no time! Make sure that you buy your kettlebell right now.

The best kettlebell brands will surely give you the strength you need at a lower price, and at a greater quality. You look for signs that can stand abuse throughout your routine, and a handle that you can surely grip because you will be using it for a long time.

We will be listing down the best kettlebells to choose from. We know the performance personally through various testing, and we want to give you the best, so choose wisely!



This kettlebell is everything you can ask for because this is the perfect, powerful tool that will aid in your weight loss and muscle gain. It will surely last your lifetime because it is rust resistant, smooth and comfortable. It is the perfect ideal size for most men and women to pump up cardio, conditioning, and strength programs. There are different sizes to choose from 10lbs, 18lbs, 22lbs, 26lbs, 35lbs, 44lbs, 53lbs, 70lbs. You can start from using the 10lbs and work your way up to 70lbs.

This brand is the first to re-introduce kettlebell into the industry, keeping in mind those who just started and help them develop their muscle and strength.

Users of this product can attest that that Dragon Doors RKC’s kettlebells are superior regarding performance. They describe it as a great swinging product, with single-cast so that you won’t be feeling any seam on the handle, easily ‘grip-able’ and a handle wide enough for any hand to fit in. They also describe that this is a good investment if you want to start your personal home gym.  


FringeSport once again brings great equipment for gym enthusiasts everywhere as they have proven over the years that they are one of the best kettlebell brands around. Fringe Sports kettlebells are well-proportioned, beautiful and rounded for less wrist and forearm pain, it also has thick handles wide enough for two-arm movements (swings) but also ideal for single arm movements. Made from durable hammer tone finish – durable against the leading brands and hold chalks well, it has bottoms ground flat so that you can place it safely. Made from only one piece, there won’t be any seam anywhere! And it has an official kilogram and pound in size.


It may be the best kettlebell brand yet! It has an adjustable kettlebell ranging from 5lbs to 40lbs. It is perfect for people with small places or with people who do not want tons of kettlebell inside their garage or house.

You can convert your sizes yourselves. You start with the 5lbs and work your way up to 40lbs. It can be changed by releasing the simple lock mechanism, and you can add extra weight plates.

It consists of drop cast iron plates, flat base for easy storage, an extra wide handle for comfortable grip, can quickly adjust weights with six adjustable pressure levels, can save time, money, and space. Perfect for anyone, even for those who are just starting their workout. Made from Cast Iron, it will surely last a lifetime.

People who have bought this are satisfied with its performance; they can adjust the setting quickly if they want to do a simple exercise or they want to do a heavy routine. They do not need any other kettlebells inside their house!


This set is ideal for gym buff and beginners that want to improve their exercise through major muscle work, build power, and burn body fat. It includes six kettlebells of different sizes so you can adjust the weight according to your preference, you can use it alone or with a pair.

With this, you can perform different exercises such as basic swing upward through legs, figure eight swings, and much more!

The set includes a 5lbs, 10lbs, 15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs, and 30lbs kettlebells. Has a flat base so you can store it easily! And extra wide handle for comfortable grip. Made from cast iron with a natural finish, you can be assured that this will last for your lifetime.

People who have used this are impressed with its performance. They can attest that this is entirely worth the price, and is a great addition to their home gym. Also, gym enthusiasts who have just started, are proud that they began with this set, and helped their performance.

1. Fringe Sport KETTLEBELLs

Another great deal from FringeSports, this bulk set is a very good idea if you want to purchase some kettlebells for a lower price. You can choose how much total weight you need, how many, and size combination from their OneFitWonder Premium Kettlebells which range from 4kg to 48kg. If you want to start a small gym facility, this is the best way, to begin with!

The OneFitWonder Premium Kettlebells are single cast and designed to fit comfortably in any hands! It has a solid grip textured finish and improved durability that will surely compete against leading brands. These are meant to provide the greatest elite training everywhere.

It has a one year warranty so you can be safe that the manufacturers will take care of you and your purchase. People who have purchased this product are very happy that they have this, mainly because they have delivered it in a short period and the customer representative are excellent. And the kettlebell, itself, helped them in their performance.

These five are the best kettlebell brands in the market. They have proved their worthiness through their long history and great customer reviews. Now it’s up to you to choose the best one for you, your home, or any facility.

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