The Best Knee Sleeves of 2017

Lifting weights is a great thing for your body and if you want to build muscle it’s an absolute must but the toll that it can take on your joints can add up over time, especially on your knees is immense. This is why utilizing the best knee sleeves of 2017 is a great idea if you do squats, leg press, deadlifts or any other movement that puts stress on your knees. While knee sleeves are smart to use, finding a great pair of knee sleeves can prove challenging as there are so many choices out there to choose from.

Luckily for you we have set out on a mission to find the top knee sleeves of 2017 and have tested all the major brands on the market today. We finalized all those down to the top 5 and ranked them from #5 – #1 as well. Keep reading to learn what is the top knee sleeves for squats on 2017.

What Is A Knee Sleeve?

Knee sleeves are typically made of neoprene but some are a combination of cotton, polyester and elastic. They work by giving the knee joint support but also helps promote warmth and blood flow to the knee joint that helps keep tendons and the joint warm. Unlike knee braces which are used to prevent further damage to an already injured knee, knee sleeves are best used as more of a preventative measure against future injuries. A knee sleeve is especially important if you have a daily routine of jumping, squats, running and sprinting and heavy weight lifting.

How Important Are Knee Sleeves For Squats?

Squats are known as the king of all leg movements and for good reason but squats can also take a toll on the body. It doesn’t take long before you will start experiencing knee pain if they are done without support for the knees. If you plan on working out for years to come, especially if you’re going to do squats, then it’s highly recommended that you get a pair of the best knee wraps for squats to give you added support. It’s not a must as you can do squats without sleeves obviously but as former and current personal trainers we always recommend people invest in a great pair of knee sleeves.

Some of the benefits of using knee wraps are that they:

Provide Support

Most sports activities tend to put a strain on the knee joints. For example, all of the following moves – air squats and squat jumps, lunges, snatches or transitioning to an increased level of weightlifting – require a thrust from the knee. Using the knee sleeves for CrossFit reduces and in some instances even eliminates the possibility of trauma to your knee when you are involved in all of the above as they keep your knee joint in proper alignment.

Improves Circulation

Getting moving can sometimes be hampered by stiff and awkward joints. This may be as a result of the cold weather or pain. Knee sleeves are invaluable because of their compression quality. Compression increases blood flow, which reduces pain and infuses the joint with warmth loosening the knee joint significantly. The results of the compression are felt during and even after the game.

Prevents Injury

While no one looks to be injured when exercising or playing sports, injuries and physical activity are close companions. Unfortunately, impact sports, weight lifting, and poor training techniques leave your knees exposed to unwanted injuries. Knee sleeves provide the much-needed support to steady and rectify your stance, although it is important to first learn proper workout techniques.

The Best Knee Sleeves Review Of 2017

Image – Product – Support – Quality – Overall

Below are our top picks of the best knee compression sleeves of 2017. You will find more information below and for our readers we have also secured the lowest prices for each product listed below. So you can not only get the best product but you can get it for the best price too.

4. Mava Sports

Support – 4.5 / Quality – 4.5 / Overall – 4.5

Promising next level performance, Mava Sorts knee sleeves come with a guarantee to find users their preferred color or fit if they don’t get it the first time. The sleeves are a perfect fit for the gym as well as for professional athletes.

Favorite features

They feature the well-loved 7mm inch thick construction for perfect compression. The sleeves are also anatomically and ergonomically designed which provides users with increased efficiency and stability. Also, they are double stitched to make them more durable and a good fit for high-performance athletes. You will especially love their orthopedic support that is geared towards preventing injury.


If you are recovering from an injury, a Mava sports knee sleeve provides incredible recovery function. The company’s customer support is unmatched, which has consumers giving them 4.6 stars for their attentiveness and high-end performance product.

3. Bear Komplex

Support – 4.6 / Quality – 4.7 / Overall – 4.6

These knee sleeves are the epitome of style and strength, featuring regularly and highly in the gear of athletes, wrestlers, and powerlifters. They provide absolute support for daily workouts and long term challenging fitness exercises.

Favorite features

The bear Komplex sleeves are designed to be snug to give optimum support as well as compression. They come in different colors to suit the preferences of both men and women. Scoring 4.5 stars from users for their impeccable stability, you can either choose the 5mm or 7mm thickness sleeves depending on the support you are looking for.


As a much-favored brand of knee sleeves, this Bear Komplex product is made of the highest quality of neoprene to ensure durability and comfort. The only drawback is that they come in only four sizes.

2. Slingshot Knee Sleeve 2.0

Support – 4.8 / Quality – 4.7 / Overall – 4.7

As an upgrade to the original slingshot knee sleeves, the Slingshot knee sleeve 2.0 has a sturdy construction that still bears a perfect level of comfort. It can withstand the wear and tear of constant use in whatever area you choose to apply it in.

Favorite features

7mm thick, the slingshot knee sleeve 2.0 offers two levels of support. It can handle all kind of movements -from smooth fluid like turns to harsher jerks and snatches. It comes fitted with a skin-friendly softer inside that prevents chaffing and irritation, allowing you to focus on your workout. For an even better fit, sling shot removed the seams from the back and front of the knees. These sleeves have garnered 4.4 stars from consumers because of outstanding performance.


Slingshot knee sleeves were originally made with squats in mind. They have maintained and even upgraded the squat specific support with the 2.0 sleeves making them best knee sleeves for squats.

1. Rehband 7mm Knee Sleeves

Support – 4.8 / Quality – 4.8 / Overall – 4.8

The trademark Rehband classic Royal Blue fabric adds a touch of style to this already strong product. It is considered their most successful and top-selling Rehband knee sleeve.

Favorite features

The sleeve comes in an anatomical shape that follows the natural curve of your knee. It has sizing guidelines that you can use to find the correct fit for you. With a rating of 4.7 stars, it is recommended by athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters, trainers and sports experts all over the world because it offers fantastic support, stability and blood circulation. Weighing just 4 ounces, it is the best choice for a lightweight and durable knee support.


The Rehband knee sleeve is a product of Swedish design. Since its release in June of 2012, it has sold out from Rehband store and is only available via an exclusive agreement with the parent company. Unfortunately, it is not sold as a pair but only as a single sleeve.


Injury is synonymous with sports and fitness, however, it need not impede your progress or ability to enjoy what you like to participate in. Knee sleeves help you keep safe and pain-free while you are active. Always remember to use the right training techniques when working out to allow the knee sleeves to function at its optimum.

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