The Best Power Rack Review of 2017

It is hard to envision any strength facility worth its salt devoid of a power rack. Power rack systems have become indispensable for coaches, athletes and everybody else in between who value their strength workout routine but knowing what is truly the best power rack in 2017 can be a challenge. For that reason we have tested and put together a review of the best of the best out there when it comes to power racks. Below you will find our review of the top 5 on the market today!

Here is run down of the best power racks that will bring you up to speed with the current innovations that are transforming the workout sphere.


6.) Titan T-6 Series Power Rack

The highlight of the Titan T-6 Series can be summed up in its strength, flexibility, and additional storage.


Made from heavy duty 11 gauge steel and 2″x 3″ tubing expanded to a six upright cage this rack come fitted with additional plate storage and an extra pair of HD JHooks so that you can customize the frame to your workout needs.

It has a power system with four different configurations and two different height to choose from. The power rack consists of a “front” section (including spotter bars) and a “back” section (no spotter bars). Each chapter is configurable to 24″ or 36″ size options.


  •    1000 pounds capacity
  •    UHMW lined HD J-Hooks
  •    1.25″ & 2″ diameter Pull up bars

This option is robust and durable with a massive storage space. It is also customizable due it’s configurable nature.

With the constant evolution of technology and innovation, the consistent presence and place of power racks seem safely secured in strength facilities.  

Its efficacy in organizing, aesthetic dimension, and safety features is ever evolving.

5.) Pro Maxima PL-360 Pro

The only way to describe this rack is a remarkable powers system with state of the art features.


The bar for safety features has been raised with the Pro Maxima’s safety bar attachment that incorporates all the excellent character of the angled bar catch; this allows you the ultimate form of protection when your spotter is not present.

Depending on your preference, you can choose across three lifting platforms. From the durability of a thick lamination to the solid feel of oak or the simplicity and traction of rubber.


  •    Angle bar catches
  •    Safety bar attachment
  •    Three options to choose from across lifting platforms

If you are looking for a premium option for safety, durability, and aesthetics, you will find it in the Pro Maxima PL-360 Pro

4.) Legend Fitness Pro Series Half Rack & Power Rack

The hallmarks of this power system are the chrome plated offset racking and a no-cost bench docking option. Durability is high on the agenda of this design thanks to the 3″x 3″ 11 -gauge steel frame.


The Legend Fitness Pro comes loaded with multi-grip pull bar; band chain storage, 7-gauge chrome plated racking with the laser cut numbers and resistance band pegs. Also, it is fitted with a pair of monster J-hooks and safety spot arms.

It also comes with 12 chrome-plated, angled and numbered plate storage pegs just to make sure your work space stays organized.


  •    Upright storage in the back can hold 4 Olympic bars or some additional rack accessories.
  •    Other accessories for this stand are available
  •    Comes in a wide range of colors
  •    Power Rack: Includes all the features as mentioned above of the half rack but has an additional safety the design provides. On each side of the power rack is a single welded piece for extra strength. Upper pegs have been included for band assistance exercises.
  •    Dimension: 70″D x 68.5″W x 104″H

You will love this option for its durability, safety, and practical design.

3.) Pro Maxima PL-365 Pro w/ Rubber platform

Attention to detail in every respect is evident in this power system. The frame uprights are of 3″by3″ High stress 3/16 ASTM A-500 grade B dark wall steel tubing. Durability has been stepped up a couple of notches northwards owing to use of such premium materials.

The finished custom colored powder coat includes state of the art pellet blasting and magnetic paint powder which is applied and baked on for a lasting hardened finish.


This system comes equipped with a double pin weight bar support made of stainless steel featuring a built-in handle. The double pin adjustment system for maximum support and safety lock out systems increase the racks safety.

The bumper storage design is thoughtful. It is an open top built in storage at the base with weight storage uprights for quick, easy removal and replacement.


  •    Double laser notched upright
  •    2- Heavy duty angles weight bar cache
  •    2- Adjustable safety catches arms with a protective coating.
  •    3″ x 4″ 7 gauge steel
  •    2- Lock and dock spotter stand
  •    Weight plate storage
  •    1- single grip chin-up station
  •    6″ x 8″ tile platform with insert

This Premium option scores very highly on safety. It is a practical design with high aesthetic allure without compromising on functionality.

2.) UCS X-40 Power Rack

The UCS X-40 rack system is a powerful piece of equipment adaptable to any activity. A must have for any strength training facility.


The beauty of this power rack is the provision of a controlled and versatile environment thanks to the 3″ x 3″, seven gauge welded uprights, each powder coated and equipped with an anterior 3/4″ steel, nickel plated hook plate.

This rack system comes complete with weight storage unit, Bar Holder, combo grip pulls up bar, quick release single bar owners, interior safety spot arms and an 18″ deep spotter’s area manufactured out of diamond plate steel, and powder coated wrinkle black.


  •    Numbered hook plates allow quick and accurate adjustments of accessories and consistent accessories placement.
  •    Optional bench docking station
  •    Available in standard and custom color on request

UCS X-40 Power Rack is versatile and safe it also comes in wide array of colors to suit your style or theme of your strength facility.

1.) Pro Maxima PL-370 Pro w/ Oak Platform


The Pro Maxima PL -370 Pro w/ Oak Platform is arguably one of the best power racks to keep your gym facility looking neat, tidy and organized. Aesthetics have their place in a workout room, and the oak lifting platform provides just that with the solid feel of the tree. There is a nifty option by the manufacturer for having your logo designed on the platform for an additional cost. How cool is that for a power rack!


Pro maxima’s safety bar attachment incorporates some great features. An angled bar catch into a safety bar attachment that gives the user a much-needed form of protection during heavy lifting without a spotter.

The lock- on corner bar uses four massive Case hardened lugs to lock into the base notched uprights. Wear and tear are prevented by this thoughtful design through spreading the weight over four separate lasers notched holes.

An ABS protective layer continually prevents damage to the to the upright powder coat finish.


  •    Angled bar caught
  •    Safety bar attachment
  •    Oak lifting platform

Pro Maxima is a durable, practical power rack with a fresh look and safety aspects.

You now know the best power racks to date for an informed decision to fill that void or replace that old one with the best in your workout space. To flush out your new power rack you should also check out our review of the best olympic barbells of 2017 as well.