The Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Crossfit in 2017

For many people the only downside to leading an active lifestyle is the fact that when you workout hard by doing powerlifting, bodybuilding and/or Crossfit, you end up with callused and gross hands. Luckily in this day and age it doesn’t have to be inevitable which is why we put together this review for the best weight lifting gloves or also known as the best crossfit gloves you can find on the market today. These gloves are no longer look like they belong in a Michael Jackson music video as these newer gloves are sleeker, more versatile and built to withstand anything you can throw at them. Keep reading below to learn a little more about these new weight lifting gloves as well as our top 5 review.

Features Of The Best CrossFit Gloves

Today the top weight lifting gloves are lightweight, versatile and actually help in performance by helping you be able to grip the bar better than compared to a normal grip. They also now can come in many different colors as well as feature full fingers, half fingers and also some just covering the areas that tend to get calluses and things of that nature.

There must be a balance between the protection and the comfort these CrossFit Gloves provide. Your budget aside, here are the factors you must consider when you decide to buy one.

Ventilated Gloves

Preventing your palms from getting a scratch is great, but you cannot enjoy a workout when your hands are all sweaty. Neoprene fabric is light, and it lets your hands ventilated. It also has a moisture absorption mechanism to take care of the sweat your hands excrete.

Improved Grip

Contrary to popular belief, gloves give you a better grip than when you are doing it raw. In fact, you will not have enough grip to lift a heavy barbell unless you push yourself beyond your limits and hurt yourself in the process.

Wrist wraps

Although the majority of CrossFit gloves now incorporate this feature, it still pays to check. Make sure you will have an adjustable and soft wrist wrap for your protection and comfort.

Fingerless design

Choose a pair of fingerless CrossFit gloves since this provides dexterity, better grip, and better air circulation.

Now that we have listed what makes the best CrossFit gloves, here are the products we recommend to accompany you in your workout.


4.) Emerge Workout Gloves

Among the gloves we tested, Emerge Workout Gloves provide the best balance for grip and protection for your hands. Given its weight lifting function along with its integrated wrist support, we consider this as one of the best CrossFit gloves today.

Emerge Workout Gloves are made from premium quality synthetic leather and has reinforced stitching for better grip and enhanced durability. The built-in support strap, on the other hand, allows you to exercise longer during training. Its Y-shaped strap covers the palm and prevents these gloves from slipping in your hands when in use. You may also opt for the regular version, albeit it feels less secure when wearing them. Nonetheless, both of these gloves work great for your CrossFit regime.

These gloves are well-made and are sturdy, which you can be assured of long term use. Moreover, the neoprene fabric which keeps your hands dry from sweat. Emerge Workout Gloves are perfect for lifting and other CrossFit routines but may not work that great for pull-ups. There are times you may find trouble feeling the grip when you grab a bar. We also noted this could get a bit too thick for some users.


3.) Bear Complex

If your priority is to protect your hands while doing CrossFit, Bear Complex gloves are made from genuine leather. The same with other entries in the list, it has a built-in wrist strap to provide comfort and support in your workouts. However, it has a superior build quality and more durable than your regular CrossFit gloves.

Perhaps the most interesting feature of this product is its two-hole and three-finger options. This mechanism protects your hands and palms while only covering the parts most vulnerable from tearing. It also allows air circulation to avoid your hands from sweating. On the contrary, its leather finish reduces slipping and strengthens your grip.

You may feel the leather too thick upon first use, and it takes a while to get used to it. It will bode well in your hands after a few kettle and bell swings. Moreover, this product may not work well for those who have small hands as it worsens the grip because of the thick leather design.


2.)Fit Four Gloves

If you find Mava Sports Workout Glove too thick for your taste, Fit Four Gloves are thin but retain the best CrossFit gloves offer. It is made from microfiber instead of neoprene to maximize your performance in doing pull-ups and weight lifting. Its independent moving hexagonal shaped silicon provides better grip while preventing blisters and calluses to form.

Fit Four Gloves give a perfect fit in your hands regardless of the size and a good run for your money because of its durability. Upon testing, this CrossFit glove is perfect for hanging bar work, kettle bells & rings and rope climbing. You can also use this to perform your workout of the day. However, it is not that effective for rowing exercises.

The only thing which keeps us from putting this higher in this CrossFit review is it does not work well when wet. Its grip gets worse, especially on metal, so it is advisable only to use this on a dry surface. Moreover, there are instances where it unintentionally slips from your hands so better double check the fitting before use.


1.) Mava Sports Workout Glove

The modest design of this Crossfit glove paves the way for excellent ergonomics and support through all forms of CrossFit workouts. Beyond its unassuming look are the good build quality and premium feel, making it as one of the best gloves for CrossFit today.

To protect your hands from painful blisters and callus, these gloves have leather padding around the palms that also serve as an extra cushion. Moreover, these are made from neoprene fabric which allows air to circulate in your hands freely. Its adjustable velcro straps enable the user to lose or tighten the gloves given their preference. This glove has an inbuilt wrap designed to support your wrist and is reinforced through tight split leather. On the other hand, Mava Sports Workout Glove provides excellent grip thanks to its uniquely designed palm cover. With that, you will finally be able to say goodbye to wounds and calluses while significantly improving your performance at the same time.

However, it is thicker than the other entries in this list, thus was not suitable for doing a pull-up exercises. Mava Sports Gloves may also have mechanisms to enhance durability, but these get easily worn out from daily use. We also advise you to check their sizing chart first before making a purchase.



You put your body to the limit whenever you do CrossFit routines. Fortunately, more people are now using gloves to avoid tearing their hands during exercise. Hand grips are extremely painful, and you are not reaching your full potential with your bare hands when performing CrossFit. Now that we gave our CrossFit gloves reviews, we hope we were able to help you in picking the right one.

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