The Best Olympic Weight Lifting Shoes Review of 2017

Our feet play an important role in just about everything we do in life, but when it comes to weightlifting and more specifically squatting the feet are often an overlooked element even though they play a vital role.  Now it’s true the best weight lifting shoes won’t make you a world class squatter but they can help you put your body in an optimal position to perform at your best. Because there is often confusion around the topic of weight lifting shoes otherwise also known as olympic lifting shoes we have put together a review of the best weight lifting shoes of 2017 to help you find the best ones for your specific needs. Below you will find more information about olympic lifting shoes and our review of the top 5 on the market today. 

The Best Weight Lifting Shoes Defined

Oly weight lifting shoes are a shoe that gives you proper grip on the floor, helps provide optimal body posture and solid/secure footing when you are performing lifts like squats, leg press and even deadlifts for some. The best weight lifting shoes are those that elevate the heel slightly as to help squatters get proper depth when descending as well as the fact they should be built to withstand a lot of weight bearing down on them. In the best shoes the elevated heel is made of solid wood so it doesn’t wear down over time with continued and repeated use. 

There are some things to consider when you are looking to purchase weight lifting shoes and some of the benefits of these types of shoes are:

Increased versatility

Proper workout shoes allow to you to venture into unknown territories.

More efficient vertical thrust

With a right shoe, the body does not absorb the free energy to soft soles. As a result, it can focus all attention on the upward thrust.

Correct positioning

One of the leading causes of injuries during a lift is the misalignment of the torso. A high-quality weight lifting shoe will guide your body into the proper position and keeps it that way until you finish the lift.

Ankle support

Sufficient ankle support can provide a quality high cut lifting shoe. It goes a long way in preventing injuries especially to those lifters with ankle issues or those who are coming back from an ankle injury that needs protection before going all the way to full strength.

Lateral support

A snug fitting and well-constructed lifting shoe prevent roll over during a lift, therefore shielding your feet from dislocation, ligament tears or disabling injuries.

Spreading the floor

This element is crucial, especially when performing squats. A quality shoe with tarsal straps will enable you to push out harder against the sides of the shoe creating more hip activation resulting in a more efficient squat.

Core control

Quality weightlifting shoes promote proper alignment of the lumbar spine and pelvis during squats; this enhances your effectiveness while reducing strain to your limbs.

Clearly, it is imperative to invest in high-quality footwear that is comfortable, protect you from injury and more importantly position you to perform at your peak.

The Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoe Review of 2017

Below is a review of the best Olympic weightlifting shoes and what makes them stand out

5. Nov-8 men 325

The Nov 8 brand is known for its uncompromising quality as well shoes that are built with athletes ultimately in mind, the Nov-8 is no exception here. This Olympic lifting shoe ticks off almost every requirement for a weight lifter as it’s breathable, provides good ankle support, it’s well built and it helps the lifter feel secure even under the most extreme of weights. It scores high on aesthetics as well while also delivering on performance. The Nov-8 325 is the lightest and most flexible weight lifting shoe on the market today, but considering that a lightweight shoe in this category isn’t necessarily something you may want some users may prefer a shoe that has a little more weight and levity to it. 


The power truss heel system in the Nov-8 325 provides remarkable stability. The power truss technology works in tandem with the external heel cage to deliver the much needed lateral stability and sound base for lifting.

Since a snug fit is vital in a shoe especially for an athlete and the Met- cradle lacing, system and strap provide lock down for maximum cradle without discomfort on your biggest lifts. The unique herringbone outsole and sticky rubber combine to provide the best, grip, traction and flexibility on jumps and runs during warm-ups.

Transitioning from one move to another is fluid when donning the Nov-8 325. It is due to the Meta- Flex technology on the forefoot which allows high flexibility. The shoe comes in several colors to choose from.

Why We Like this Product

The Nov 8 325 is top of the range in its category. The shoe looks good owing to its unique design and is versatile for all warm-ups, training, and competition. It is easily one of the best weightlifting shoes so far.

4. Adidas performance powerlift.3 cross- trainer shoe

Simplicity best describes the Adidas performance.3 cross trainer. It is considered amongst one of the best buys when it comes to high-quality weight lifting shoes. It is uniquely made with an extra-wide design that allows the foot to spread.


An interesting feature is an open forefoot and soft toe that allows wiggle room and breathability for enhanced comfort. A midsole wedge and antis slip rubber outside account for a stable stance.

The strength and versatility of this shoe lie in the secure grip that allows you a proper spread on the floor. The straps are sturdy and give you a decent hold. The combination of a vigorous and firm sole with the flexibility ensure you can achieve quality lifts

Why We Like this Product

Considered one of the best lifting shoes with the excellent value this shoe delivers on comfort, stability and a good lock down on foothold. The shoe does have a neat look to it and comes in 10 colors to suit many tastes.

3.) Nike men Romaleos 3 weightlifting shoes

The Nike Romaleos 3 has a futuristic look. The sleek design comes in 10 colors to suit all manner of tastes while staying faithful to the masculine aesthetic.

Notably, this shoe delivers highly on stability and the locked-in feet you need during heavy weightlifting. A thoughtful and practical feature is the addition of interchangeable insoles providing soft and firm support depending on your workout regimen.


Proper Lockdown in weight lifting is crucial. In the Romaleo 3, this is achieved by Flywire cables and a nylon midfoot strap which ensure a dynamic Lockdown. Thorough and durable traction is provided by the solid rubber outsoles, and the 20mm offset allows for natural movement.

It is made with synthetic leather which reinforces the mesh on the upper allows for excellent support and good breathability.

Why We Like this Product

This shoe is worth every penny. It has a great look with an assortment of colors to choose from. A snug fits and is very comfortable with a claw-like Lockdown. It is and Olympic shoe that works well for both workouts and competition.

2.) Pendlay Do Win CrossFit weightlifting shoe

The do win brand crafted the Pendlay shoe with the weightlifting community in mind. These shoes feature a 3/4″ inch hard plastic heel which happens to be the preferred Olympic height making them one the best weight training shoes available.


The Pendlay design has a wide profile making it a great option for wide footed athletes due to its flexibility. In fact, the upper part is made of leather and breathable nylon mesh for aeration.

This shoe has a good range of comfort and stability even for wide feet.

It uniquely comes with two metatarsal straps allowing a practical option for tightening and loosening the shoe to one’s comfort level. This Oly lifting shoe comes in 4 color option.

Why We Like this Product

The Pendlay comes highly recommended for Olympic weightlifting. It is the only weightlifting shoe that can accommodate wide feet athletes comfortably due to its wide profile design.

For an adequate fit, it is recommended that when selecting a do win shoe you go for ½ a size smaller than your running shoe size.

1.) Adidas performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

A solid shoe with excellent lightweight stability provided by a heel overlay, the Adidas performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer shoe comes highly recommended by pro athletes as well as weight lifting organizations.


This weightlifting shoe has a carefully crafted chassis with lightweight infused polymer for structured strength. It offers a strong foothold as a result of TPU midsole.

The Adidas performance Adipower is noticeably comfortable and sturdy during weightlifting owing to the anti-slip rubber outsole as well as the vent flow openings on the outsole. The leather upper complements the chassis, and the instep strap provides a secure foothold. The textile lining cannot be overlooked as it adds to the comfort.

Why We Like this Product

This choice offers great comfort with excellent traction. It is well built and designed specifically for heavy lifting. The low cut design exudes a chill out mode for that lifter who wants to look good during his sport.

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