The Best Olympic Weights Set Review

There are a few things in life that when you have them at your disposal, life just seems that much better. We would argue having your own private home gym is one of those things as you no longer have to worry about the crowds at the gym, the annoying bros, the traffic and the time it takes to go to and from the gym. Building your own home gym is a growing trend and that is why we have set out to help you find the best weights set in 2017. This was a topic that we were looking into for our own personal uses anyhow so this article was a no brainer for us to do.

One thing to note is that all the products listed in our review are from Fringe Sport as they came highly recommended to us but once we started testing the various home gym setups we were blown away by Fringe Sport’s products as they are durable, reliable but yet also a great value. You can easily spend 4x more money setting up a home gym with another brand but it still wouldn’t be as solid as the ones that Fringe Sport offers which is why they offer the best weights set you can get in 2017.

Now, let’s discuss the five best Olympic weight set available.



This basic garage gym package is the way to start your garage gym as it contains a barbell, bumper plates, collars, and a squat rack. What makes it better is that you have a full year warranty on all items! The Wonder Bar Olympic Barbell is a perfect entry level bar but don’t be fooled by it’s price, as it will surely compete with the leading brands. It has a 1,600lb weight capacity (1,000lb for Women), 28mm shaft diameter (25mm for Women), and high knurl depth. What a steal! The barbell has a tensile strength of 216,000 PSI (160,000 PSI for 15kg), stiff whip style, and moderate spin. Made from durable materials that are alloy steel, and black zinc plated. Fitted for any individuals because it is 86 inches in length, and 79.5 inches for 15 kg).

The OneFitWonder Bumper Plates will sure last your whole lifetime. It is extremely durable and will last for years in your garage! The 10/25/45 set are all the weights many people will need to build their best weights set at home. It is best for you to use 10s to help you start, and as you grow stronger, you can move to 25s and 45s! It will surely give you the strength boost that you need.

The weight tolerance is +/9 1% of declared weight. A full diameter of 25 -45-pound plates: 450mm (~17.7 inches) width, 10 lb plate: 445mm (17.5 inches). Insert diameter of 2 inches. Made from virgin rubber and stainless steel insert! It will surely hold up to its promise.

SuperStrap Collars will beat the other barbell collars in the market. It promises that it won’t come loose and resist ‘backing off’!

Life Series: Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar is the best one you can find on the market. It is space efficient 4’x4’ footprint, 300lb weight capacity, adjustable height pull-up bar, and can be bolted on the floor, so you won’t fear that it will fall off!

4. Fringe Sport BAR + COLOR BUMPER SET

These made it into our best weights set for home use review because they consist of an unbeatable combination! And you get to customize your set. Made from four fantastic bars and color bumper plate packages that will surely fit your budget and give you the best deal yet! Bomba Bars are American-made with very high-quality steel for a top notch bar, made from premium grade bushings that will give the Bomba bars a buttery smooth spin!

The Vaughn Bars are 216,000 PSI, and the best feels on the market, plus the OneFitWonder Color Bumper will surely last you a lifetime.


This package is fully customizable to fit your needs. You have three sets to choose from: either bronze, silver or gold. Each set contains the following: 3 pieces of wonder bar barbells (bushing), 3 pieces each of 10lbs, 25lbs, and 45lbs black bumpers, 5 pieces of troy barbell standard plate set, 3 pieces of super strap barbell collar (which come in pairs), 2-piece squat rack by OneFitWonder.

Kettlebells of different weights 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, and 16kg, 5 pieces of cable speed rope, 2 pieces of black rings, 3 pieces of the various weights of slam ball 10lb, 15lb, and 20lb, one piece each of a large and small flat pack 3-sided plyo box, and a small 6 digit timer by OneFitWonder.

This package is best for you and your buddies to train together! Users of this product are truly satisfied with its performance, with its low price, they are truly amazed that it can perform way beyond the budget.


If you’re looking for a great garage gym setup then perhaps you should look no further than the Fringe Sport Ultimate Garage Gym Package. There isn’t much more you could as for out of this great package.

The OneFitWonder Squat Rack with Pullup Bar (Life Series), is the best pull-up bar that you will need. It is space efficient 4’x4’ footprint and very sturdy without taking too much space. With a weight of 60lbs, weight capacity of 300lbs, made from 12-gauge and 14-gauge steel, Footprint dimension: 85” tall x 50” wide x 46” deep.

The OneFitWonder Black Bumper Plate Set is a premium piece for this one. It is the only thing that you will need for your Olympic lifting. You will be using the 10s as startup and continually gauge 25s, 35s, and 45s along the way. You are assured that it is made from premium material because it won’t break if you throw if off a roof!

20kg Wonder Barbell by OneFitWonder (Bushing) is perfect for any gym buff. The makers of this products put their best in creating a premium product for a low price! Amazing, isn’t it?

OneFitWonder Gym Bench is constructed of 11 gauge, 2” square steel tubing. It is bet for CrossFit or any home gym! It is not that heavy so you can move it around your garage. You can certainly use it for a long time due to its powder coat finish.

Other materials that are included in this set are SuperStrap Collars, 288mm Wood Gymnastics Ring with 15ft Adjustable Straps by OneFitWonder, Cable Speed Rope, and 16kg Kettlebell by OneFitWonder.


This Fringe Sport Five Person Garage Gym package is the best weights set for home use if you are looking to build a garage gym that will have more than just using it at the same time. This would be known as the ultimate garage gym package and is a step up from the one person garage gym package that was listed earlier in our review. Fringe Sport allows you to have several sets to choose from so you can customize the package for whatever needs you may have. Each package contains the following: a barbell (Wonder Bar Men’s Bar), Bumper Plates( 10lbs, 25lbs, 45lbs black bumper which comes in pairs), metal plates, collar, kettlebells, speed ropes, rings, slam balls/medicine balls, and so much more! The Silver and Gold packages of course include more weights and accessories so if you are needing more they’ve got you covered on that. This is the one we went with when we built our own garage gym and we absolutely love it and it’s been holding up great even though we have put it through some beatings for sure.

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