The Best Weight Gainer Of 2017

If you’re trying to pack on as much muscle mass as possible, then finding the best weight gainer of 2017 is going to provide you with what you need. You probably already know that you are going to need to lift more weights and consume enough calories to stimulate muscle growth. For many, it can be hard to eat enough food to meet their calorie intake needs or add weight onto their frame, making it hard to pack on the desired amount of muscle they want. For that reason, weight gainers were created as a meal replacement, post workout shake, or even a bedtime snack. They are a great way to add some needed calories into your diet without having to feel bloated and stuffing your face all the live long day. The hard thing can be to find a good weight gainer that isn’t loaded with junk calories, rather one that will provide you with great results. To help you out, we have come up with a list of the best weight gainer products that are currently on the market today.

Ultimate Guide The Greatest Weight Gainer of 2017

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass4.8$$4.9
Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer4.7$$4.9
CytoSport Monster Mass5$$4.8
Universal Nutrition Real Gains4.5$$4.5
BSN True Mass4.7$$4.3

What Makes A Great Weight Gainer

It’s probably no shock to you, but not all weight gainers are created equal. Many companies put out products that are just stuffed with poor calorie choices that are cheap to make, which for them, means they can make more money. If you use products like these, you will find your gut growing much more than your muscles. This is not what you want!

What makes a great weight gainer is a product that, yes, adds calories to your diet, but adds quality calories that will help ignite muscle growth. Things like complex carbs, strong BCAA profiles, creatine, and other ingredients are great things to have in a weight gainer that will help you to pack on more size. It’s not just about how many calories you take in. It’s the quality of those calories and other nutrients in the product.

Some things to look for are:

Carb Sources

Some of the lesser weight gainers will provide you with plenty of carbs but they will use fast digesting carbs and even in some cases companies will use just straight sugar to cut costs. You want a weight gainer that has carb sources that are derived from complex carbs as this will help provide you with plenty of energy for your workouts and will also be better for not just putting on an excess amount of fat.

Servings Per Container

When it comes to weight gainers and protein powders alike most consumers don’t pay attention to the servings per container, this is also something many companies count on and will short you if you aren’t careful. Some weight gainers may be cheaper than others but there may only be 15 servings in the entire container, compared to another brand that may be more expensive but have 20+ servings. You want a solid product but you also want the most bang for your buck as well.

Fat/Fiber Content

One of the the things people overlook when it comes to weight gainers is rate of digestion. Weight gainers are supposed to be meal replacements for the most part and it can be an issue if you drink a shake and are hungry a mere hour or so later. That’s why the fat and fiber content that is in a weight gainer plays an important role. Fat and fiber slow down digestion and when you drink your calories your body will digest it quicker, so if these two are present in a decent amount then this will help the weight gainers stay with you a bit longer and will keep you from being hungry all day even though you are consuming more calories than normal.


This one is hard to know before you try a product (we rate flavor in our review for this reason) but some weight gainers can taste downright awful, one can see how trying to consume something they hate multiple times a day can quickly become a chore. A good tasting product goes a long ways in your enjoyment of the product and ultimately helps you reach your goals as well.

BSN True Mass

BSN is a solid supplement company that has been around for many years now and their True Mass weight gainer has always been a solid option when it comes to choosing a weight gainer. It provides quality calories, ample amounts of protein, and even has 5 grams of fiber in a serving as well. A strong element of this product is it’s solid taste, as many times weight gainers can be a little hard to choke down. All in all, this is a solid weight gainer as each serving has 710 calories with 90 grams of carbs, and the rest of the profile is 17 grams of fat and 50 grams of protein. The main downside is that it only has 16 servings which, depending on the amount you use, may only last half a month.

Universal Nutrition Real Gains

This weight gainer offering from Universal Nutrition makes our list because of it’s solid nutritional lineup and the fact that it gives you a lot of value for your money. Each container has 31 servings, which is one of the highest in our review. Compared to BSN’s True Mass, you would get twice as many servings and a similar nutritional lineup at about half the cost. The taste isn’t anything groundbreaking but it’s nothing that will have you running for the toilet either, and it mixes pretty well also. Each serving has 602 calories, 6 grams of fat, 84 grams of carbs, and 54 grams of protein.

CytoSport Monster Mass

This is a solid weight gainer that has a great taste and a really good nutritional profile. One of the great things about this product is the protein is made up of protein isolate, protein concentrate, and casein protein properties, which makes it a great choice for added calories at breakfast, post workout, or right before bed. It also has a great BCAA profile with added leucine, which means more muscle growth! It also has digestive enzymes to help with the added calories so that you will digest everything smoothly and be able to absorb more nutrients as well. It also boosts complex carb sources and added vitamins and minerals to the mix. This is a great choice when it comes to a weight gainer. Each serving has 600 calories, 12 grams of fat, 73 grams of carbs (7g of fiber) and 50 grams of protein.

Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer

This weight gainer is designed to help you gain more muscle, but do it in a leaner fashion – helping you grow your muscles and not your gut. With 7 different protein sources, complex carbohydrates, fiber, medium chain triglycerides, digestive enzymes, and a really great taste, it’s one of the best weight gainers out there today. It’s also easy to mix so you don’t have to worry about clumpy shakes that give you a little surprise when you’re halfway done with it. This is a great weight gainer with quality ingredients that will help you reach your goals. Each serving has 650 calories, 8 grams of fat, 85 grams of carbs and 60 grams of protein.

Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

If you are in need of some serious weight gain and have a hard time doing so, then this product is just what you’re looking for. It has a tremendous 1,250 calories per serving, which is the highest among all the weight gainers we reviewed. But it also boasts added supplements like glutamine, creatine, and plenty of branched chain amino acids, making it a great combination supplement choice. Along with the 1,250 calories, each serving has only 4.5 grams of fat, 252 grams of carbs and 50 grams of protein. It is also packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and no added sugars. It gives you just what you want, which is increase calories to help you gain muscle and not fat.

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